Thursday, April 19, 2012

Help tip for customers: What to do about mats that have multiple .POSITIONS cards in them

Some of our mats have multiple position notecards in them. When attempting to adjust the poses and save the positions, you may either (a) run out of memory, or (b) get warnings about duplicate poses.

It's because of the multiple position notecards. We've now made a new addition to our help that will solve any such problems. The new help addition appears below between
******** lines.

-Getting positions just right can be a lot of work. And what a nuisance to lose them and have to do them all over again owing to some SL weirdness! That's where the .POSITIONS notecard comes in --- you can backup in them the memory of the positioning you saved
- To do this, go into the Options menu, and click the "Memory Dump" button.
- The memory of the positions will be "chatted (i.e. printed) out to your screen"
- You will get lines that look like this:
[23:11]  {default} <-1.964,0.054,0.293> <124.4,79.8,67.0> <0.700,0.000,0.700> <0.0,0.0,-180.0>
- Go into chat history (the history button at the bottom of your screen, highlight all the position info, and go Control-C to copy it (Apple-C on a Mac).
-Right-click over the Animated mat, choose edit, click on the MORE button if the bottom of the edit info box isn't showing, then click on the Objects tab. Location the .POSITIONS notecard. Right-click over it and choose open.
- Delete out everything that is in there, and paste in what you just copied. Don't leave any blank lines. Save and close the notecard. You now have a safe backup of all your positions.


NOTE: Delete all other .POSITIONS.* notecards in the MLPV2 prim's inventory.  All the positions will now be amalgamated in the main .POSITIONS notecard. Leaving other .POSITIONS.* notecards in there, past this point, may cause memory crashes and warnings of duplicate positions, etc.

- Note: when can positions be lost out of memory? Positions stay in memory even after the Animated mat is shut down, restarted, taken back into inventory or moved about and placed somewhere else. They only get lost if the memory gets too full (by adding other positions or menu items) causing it to crash, or if the memory gets reset back to blank by resetting scripts.
- Note: so if the memory gets blanked out, how does the .POSITIONS notecard help? If the memory is blank, the Animated mat will read positions instead from the .POSITIONS notecard.

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