Thursday, April 19, 2012

Help tip for customers: How to adjust positions for poses that are in scenes.

In a menu such as this, change HIDDEN to ALL, then go Advanced, Menu Reset.

POSE Lay-BJ-1-BB | Lay-BJ-1-F | Lay-BJ-1-M
POSE Lay-BJ-2-BB | Lay-BJ-2-F | Lay-BJ-2-M
POSE Lay-BJ-W | Lay-BJ-1-FW | Lay-BJ-1-MW
POSE Lay-BJ-1 | Lay-BJ-1-F | Lay-BJ-1-M
POSE Lay-BJ-2 | Lay-BJ-2-F | Lay-BJ-2-M
POSE MakeOutSeq-1|MO-S1-B|MO-S1-T
POSE MakeOutSeq-2|MO2-B|MO2-T
POSE MakeOutSeq-3|MO-B|MO-T
POSE MakeOutSeq-4|MO-S2-B|MO-S2-T

After you have done that, the individual poses will be visible in the menu. When you're done, change ALL back to HIDDEN (if you wish.)

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