Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drew Carey in Second Life

Well apparently, Drew Carey is somewhere in SL. Anyone recognize the shower?
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Drew Carey in the shower in Second Life
Drew Carey in the shower in Second Life

Saturday, November 3, 2012

What do you want in a virtual relationship?

There are many people looking for long-term relationships in SL. And as many who are so convinced that they'll never find it, that they've sworn off any kind of relationship.

Well recently, I tripped across this article about relationships in Second Life. 

In it, Second Lifer Canary Beck writes about what she expects out of a virtual relationship.

She lists intimacy, love, sex, support, and honesty, and explains how she thinks each should play out in a virtual world.

She's writing from the point of a woman, but I think most of it applies to gay relationships, too, especially when she writes things like:

"If you can’t deal with my work or my ambitions, then don’t bother. If I didn’t want to do what I’m doing, I would have stopped it already."


"Please answer your IM while you’re online – I don’t expect you to answer immediately – within 5 minutes is ok. If you don’t answer and go offline, and I don’t get an email within a reasonable amount of time, yes, I’ll get pissed off."

Sounds like things that apply to all relationships in SL, hmmmm? Have a gander:

The 5 Things I Want in a Virtual Relationship