Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lincoln Garnet

There's an increasingly famous photographer in Second Life named Lincoln Garnet (click his name for his photostream.)

Back in January, I got an IM from him asking if he could do a photoshoot of Kip and me. I had a few other customer IM windows open at the time, so I spent the first 5 minutes or so with him trying to help him figure out who he was really after, because at first I was sure he had the wrong window! LOL. But sure enough he was after us. Kip and I were, OMG.

Lincoln is amazing with poses, and in bringing passion to life with photos.

Here's the resultant photoset; it's on Flickr so you may have to log in to see it.

(April 2012: Oops sorry the link got deleted, so you won't be able to see his great work any longer!)

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