Friday, September 12, 2014

Blue Balls Garden Glider

Enjoy VERY MOVING sex.


In our garden glider. Which rocks!

LITERALLY! Back and forth!

This is a unique, high-quality entertainment product suitable for any small patch of land, patio or balcony, taking only 12 prims.

An accompanying bonus HUD offers 24 cushion and 4 wood texture choices to match any decor; the glider is also fully modifiable beyond that so it is also convenient to use your own textures.

It's a fabulous quality together-time piece.

But it also has really intimate, sensual, and bonding sex animations and scenes.

All with our famous smoothness of course.


- 80 couples poses;
- 3 long scenes;
- Guitar module with five songs;
- Use menu to start  and stop glider moving;
- Rezzables include rain, candles, fireflies, food;
- Just sit & click for menu; no balls.

It's totally Xcite! compatible; if you're an Xcite! user, you'll be coming like a fountain.

As usual, it comes with our famous Blue Balls guarantee: Satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded within 30 days of purchase.

Try it in person:

Kip & Chaz

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