Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blue Balls Junior Mat

This mat is flying off the shelves!

Customers have said, "We'd say you've done it again, but you didn't, you managed to even surpass yourselves this time!"

This mat has half the number of animations, and is therefore half the price, of our regular couples bed mattress. That's why we called it Junior.

THE ANIMATIONS IN IT ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, HOWEVER; you will not find them in any other of our products. It is a totally unique product; it is not just the regular couples mattress "cut in half." The animations in Junior are unique to it.

Its price point makes it perfect for people starting out in SL, shopping on smaller budgets, for spare rooms in your house, for gifts, or, just to carry around with you in your "back pocket" for when special, um, needs arise!

There is a regular mat version, and a HUD version. They are identical except:
(1) The HUD version you wear on your screen; just click on it to get the menu;
(2) The HUD version has an optional rug you can rez.

NOTE that the HUD version needs to rez stuff for you and so will only work where you have rez rights.

This mat is a gem that you will get years of quality use out of. Enjoy!

Kip and Chaz.

Demo inworld:

Check it out!


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